Thank you for stumbling across my blog that may be a little crappy because honestly I am still learning a lot. Now since that is out of the way, let me tell you a little about me!


My name is Breyona and I am a mommy to 5 biracial kids…yes FIVE. I am 28 years young and have accomplished so much in my 20 something years on Earth, that I am now faced with the greatest challenge of being a parent. This is coming from a person who has managed to kill every single houseplant I ever owned. I have my super handsome and awesome husband by my side; to navigate this crazy roller-coaster ride of staying young, being married, and parenting several minions who are under the age of 8, who have a variety of personalities.

I am not the typical Susie homemaker stay at home mom/wife. I possess several degrees that range from Business to Psychology and I am currently working on my last one to become a Doctor of Psychology (takes a nut to know one). I run a small custom cake business from home, I love wine, I am tattooed, I love coffee, I love Target, and I cuss a little more than most mamas….sorry that’s just me. I hope you find something you can sorta relate to in my entries.

So that’s just the basics of who I am and you will get to know more about me and my large family as you read my blog.

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