Lockdown: The 6 week wait


So as you may know from my last post, I gave birth to baby number 5 on March 1st. Here I am on now week 3 of the 6 week wait. Things have been going well as far as recovery goes and I am feeling more like myself day by day. The lack of sex is crappy but comes with the territory *damn hormones*. Since I am not new to the postpartum scene, I figured I would share some of my postpartum must haves. I mean after-all I am never doing this again so why not dish out the “secrets”!?

In the pic below, here I am week 39 (I basically gave birth the day I hit week 39). I was already over the “fat” jokes, is it twins jokes; And very much so getting more and more pissed every time someone mentioned the fact that I was still pregnant like I needed a reminder. It was pretty funny friends placed bets on if I would have my baby before April the giraffe or if she would pop first. (We clearly see April’s baby is like to hell with coming out and living at the zoo).


I had to see my doctor at the regular office before I was sent to labor and delivery and of-course they weighed me and had me piss in a cup one last time. I did not want to look at the scale. I almost fainted when I saw I was 210 pounds. This is the HEAVIEST I have ever been pregnant. Well, my first one I blew up to 200 pounds, so I guess this baby wanted to break records. Anywho, I know most of it is boobs, baby, fluids etc but I didn’t want to hear it. I was still pregnant and emotional; However, the sigh of relief that this was it, quickly took away my sadness over the drastic changes my body had made over these past 9 months.

I popped the baby out the evening of March 1st and decided to take a pic of my after baby body as soon as I felt up to it in recovery. So the next morning, I got up and took a pic of myself and my tummy that still looked like I had a decent size baby in it hanging out.

I didn’t mind showing off the sexy stretchy diaper holders!


Unfortunately, I am not one of the LUCKY ones who doesn’t get riddled with stretch marks. Fact is, I am covered with them and don’t really care anymore at this point (5 kids later). I have used all of these crazy expensive creams etc but I have found the best thing that works is patience (as well as using those creams/oils for a false sense of hey this shxt is working).

I usually wrap my tummy following discharge to help shrink my tummy back faster, but this was because I was being cheap. Since my 4th was supposed to be my last baby (ha-ha), I invested in a medical grade postpartum girdle (safe for c-section mamas to wear as well). I was able to use a discount code during a sale and scored one pretty cheap. These things usually run over 100 almost 200 bucks brand new. I was able to get mine for around 80 bucks directly from the manufacturers website. There are a million different brands of postpartum girdle and I won’t use this blog to advertise the one I bought, because hey they aren’t paying me to do so. I do suggest doing some research and finding one that ultimately works best for you and your lifestyle. The one I purchased sizing and style girdle you need is determined by how much weight you gained during your pregnancy, your body shape etc. The one I WANTED because of the way it looked turned out to be the one I did not NEED. So def research and read all disclaimers. Luckily I was able to cancel the order and order the right one. So moving on, I wore the girdle home the day I was discharged. It was BEYOND uncomfy! I mean after all I had  A LOT of fluff to shove in that thing.


After wearing it a few days, it does get more comfortable. I personally can’t wear the thing for the recommended amount of time it suggests (12-24 hours for the first weeks) but I do get away with wearing it 8 hours per day.

So here I am one week postpartum with the girdle on. my tummy had basically deflated down to the point where it looked like I had a few extra doughnuts.


Here I am week 2 with the girdle on. My tummy has gone down a lot more!


and here, presently about week 3. Not wearing the girdle.


I usually resume exercising lightly once I hit one month postpartum. The girdle in combination with me going back to my original diet, and breastfeeding has helped me shrink tremendously and quickly this time. Don’t get me wrong, I am far away from my pre-Kendall weight, but I am in no rush to drop all of that off. I know it took me nine months to gain it so I allow about 9 months to shed it. This time is different because I do not plan to have anymore babies (that’s what she said). I plan to be more disciplined so I can get back to the old me.

Here are my other postpartum must haves

  1. Nursing pads and breast milk storage bags: I am a huge pumper versus nurser so storing milk is something that can add up especially with using the baggies. I am a Target mama and trying to save as much as possible since we have a large family, so I usually try out their stuff as well as other brands to see which offers the most bang for my buck. I like the baggies versus the bottles because they store the milk flat where I can easily slide them into a gallon size freezer bag, and it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the fridge and freezer.


2. Nipple Balm: I like the Bamboobies Boob Ease nipple balm. It’s organic and works amazing. It is also Lanolin free. I opted for Lanolin free because after reading up on it, it was suggested that it can contain pesticides. Who wants to rub that on their boobies and stick that in their baby’s mouth?! Although I have used Lanolin based nipple balm with my previous newbies, I didn’t have any issues with it. I prefer to be informed and now that I am, I made the switch. DSC_0757

3. Stretch Mark Relief Oil: Okay as I mentioned above, a lot of us know this stuff doesn’t work for shxt but we buy it anyway. I like Mumsie brand tummy oil because it doesn’t have a bad smell like most oils “marketed” for stretch marks. With this one I like that it absorbs easily and is made as a pump for easy dispensing. I mainly use it because I have dry skin (which contributes to stretch marks) and it covers more area versus regular lotion. I use this in the morning usually. DSC_0766

This still falls into the same category of stuff that doesn’t work for shxt but we buy it anyway for stretch marks, except it is made as a butter/balm and not an oil. This one is made by the Honest company, and “honestly” I am not a fan of it. I do not like the way it smells. It is organic (woo-hoo) but it STINKS. This is a thicker “treatment” so I use it at bedtime after my shower when no one will be offended by the smell of it. It absorbs easily and I mainly use it for the I have dry skin hydration factor. DSC_0765

4. Concealer and eye refresher: I am a mama that has recently started wearing make-up, because well those dark circles and puffiness from all these long nights have started to catch up with my beautiful almost 30 self. A good concealer can easily and quickly hide those dark circles when you need to run errands and not look like you are about to audition for Return of The Living Dead. The eye refresher is good for puffiness and wakes those tired eyes up! DSC_0764

5. Water: I hate drinking water. Water is very important while you are pregnant and afterwards as well. I always add a little lemon slice or lemon juice to make it more appealing. Water helps you shrink back down and guess what else? Improves the appearance of those damn stretchmarks. So Drink up! DSC_0752

6. MilkFlow Breastfeeding Supplement: Okay so back to this hydration stuff, MilkFlow helps promote your milk supply. I am a mama who isn’t a milk making machine and I usually need a little help. This is where this stuff comes into play. I like this because I can easily add it to a cup of juice or bottled water and chug it down about 3 times a day. It doesn’t taste horrible like..well you will see DSC_0750

Now here is the YUCK factor. Mother’s Milk Tea…It is a must have for me because of the above mentioned, I need help in the milk making department. If you like black licorice, black jelly beans and other nasty tasting stuff this is the tea for you! If you can get over that yucky taste, it actually works amazingly! I do doctor this stuff up with some honey. I don’t drink this during the day because I use the other stuff, but I do enjoy..well try to enjoy a cup of it before bedtime. DSC_0753

7. COFFEE : No explanation needed DSC_0767

8. WINE (Lots of it) : I have been sober for 9 months so I am going to enjoy myself again dammit. DSC_0774

So there you have it. The beginning of my mama bear body transformation and my postpartum must haves. 3 weeks down…3 more to go and this mama is off lock-down!


What are some of your postpartum must haves? or significant other postpartum must haves? I’d love to hear from you! 


22 thoughts on “Lockdown: The 6 week wait

  1. Melly says:

    Oh man. This is the perfect list!
    I drink the Mother’s Milk Tea! I can’t stand the taste of licorice! lol, but we gotta do what we gotta do! 🙂
    Congratulations, on #5!!


  2. Alex Snider says:

    I said I was done after we had our third….now we have four. You look fantastic for three week’s postpartum! I still need to lose my “baby weight” and my baby just turned 5 😳


  3. Christina says:

    Congratulations! You look beautiful now and you looked beautiful pregnant too! I went over 200 lbs with my first and refused to look at the scale with my second so I have no idea how much I gained then! 😉 But I sure enjoyed every meal!


  4. Daniela Kemeny says:

    Five babies wooooow you are a rock store for sure
    I loved your pics and the honesty you share them with thank you for that truly!
    Loved the list as well and especially THE WINE!!!!!!!!
    Loved your blog!!!


  5. Mummy's Monkey says:

    My little one is almost three so I’d forgotten about most of this stuff. All essential though – even the mother’s milk tea no matter how vile it is! 5 kids and you’re looking anazing!


  6. ajonsson31 says:

    I had no idea Lanolin had pesticides in it! WTF is wrong with them, putting that stuff in a nipple cream?! BTW you look amazing for just having your 5th baby! Rock on, mama ; )


  7. Melody says:

    You look great after baby #5! I can’t even imagine 5 babies- I just had my first LOL I definitely used a few of these same “must haves”, but I couldn’t do the gurdle =( I had a C-section and my doctor said they were perfectly safe, and even recommended wearing one, but it was just too painful for me on my scar. Maybe after the next kid I’ll try again!


    • savagesevenblog says:

      Most of them you can start wearing after your scar is healed or later and still get good results. My friend that had twins she didnt start wearing one until 3 months later. Try it again once you can be comfy in it


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