Diaper Party

With this being our 5th baby, most people assumed we have everything and are overly prepared. Truth be told, we aren’t as prepared as we would like to be. Kali was supposed to be our last baby and surprise surprise we ended up with baby #5. With Kali, and our scary journey with her (The Not So Blighted Ovum) we pretty much had decided we were def done expanding our family. My husband had always said he wanted 4 kids, all the while I wasn’t sure if I wanted one (The story of starting our family). I guess you can call us over achievers. While we THOUGHT we were done at 4 kids, we gave away items big and small as Kali outgrew them. Baby number 5 popped up when Kali was only a few months old. Fast forward to being less than 30 days away from D day and we are back to zero preparing. Luckily, we had some of the necessities still such as the infant car seat, swing, bouncer, bedside sleeper etc.  However, things like a crib (Kali just turned 1 in November so she is still using the crib), bottles (Kali uses both bottles and sippy cups), and countless other things we were without and are getting on our own. We have been purchasing these things over again as time has passed, as much as we didn’t want to, but it is what it is.

Everyone had asked were we going to have a “baby shower” since we left the baby’s gender as a surprise until D day. Now there are some people who feel strongly that you should only have a baby shower for your first baby, and a sprinkle for the second and so on. Baby shower etiquette isn’t something I believe in as far as when you should or shouldn’t have one. I do however believe that you should not use a baby shower as a way to “fund” your baby especially when you have the means to do so on your own. Every individual situation is unique though. For this pregnancy, we decided we would do everything we didn’t do with the other ones. We had a baby shower with our first, our second popped up and turned out to be the opposite gender, so my sister in law threw us a very small baby shower/sprinkle, the third we had a gender reveal, and we lucked up he was a boy. I kept a lot from our first baby so he was all set. Then our fourth; with her story, and the fact again opposite gender, and it had been a while since we had a girl (I gave away everything when we found out Cody was a boy), we had to start over. We had a semi-surprise baby shower for her and mainly requested clothes because we had everything else covered.

So baby #5, gender unknown and close to baby #4 what do you do to celebrate?


I have seen some memes online that say rude things about having multiple baby showers. To me I feel like every pregnancy should be celebrated. For some it is about the gifts, for me it isn’t about the gifts. We usually buy everything we need and if our friends and family want to get something for the baby, we usually tell them something small that is a necessity or let them pick whatever. I always make a baby registry, but this is for our reference so we can keep track of what we need to buy and mark it off. We do add smaller items if our out of town friends etc want to purchase something. I am not a very picky person and receiving gifts is not something that is very important to me. I care more about the celebration of the upcoming arrival of the newbie and spending time with my friends and loved ones. With having a few baby showers/sprinkles and a gender reveal we had to think about how we wanted to celebrate. Immediately, I thought diaper party! Let’s face it, you go through A LOT of diapers. Diapers is something I always ask for when I am asked what do I want or need. My friends however, they insist on buying diapers and something else because they are awesome and spoil me lol.

The Theme


I wanted something super cute, winter themed, and gender neutral. We decided to have the diaper party January 28th because anything in February would be pushing it and not to mention there is a lot going on in February. I picked a woodland creature/Lumber jack theme and titled it Born to Be Wild Diaper Party on the e-vite. I wanted to keep the crowd small since we were hosting this at our home, and also I wanted it to be adults only. The diaper party also doubled as a vasectomy party for my husband; so we had some alcohol and adult games. All of our showers have been co-ed. From my previous blogs you will see I am a crafty mama and like to DIY as much as I can and don’t try to break the bank when I host events.


The stacked boxes were made using free flat rate boxes from the postal service and clearance Christmas wrapping paper from Target. The letters I printed off using Microsoft Word on card-stock and used an Xacto knife to cut them out. I glued them on using one of my kid’s glue sticks. dsc_0512

I had a friend make mini diaper cakes, and my other friend made a full size diaper cake to contribute to the decor. Some of the other things like the cutouts of the animals etc were purchased from Hobby Lobby. Some things I was able to find online as a free printable.

We asked everyone to bring diapers and/or wipes for the gifting aspect. If they wanted to bring something else we specified it should be gender neutral. We held a diaper raffle. So for each pack of diapers someone brought, they received 1 or 2 entries into the raffle.



We kept food very simple. We had chicken wings, meatballs, Hawaiian sweet rolls, a fruit tray and pasta salad. We also had some desserts which were cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies I made, and some custom cookies I ordered from a vendor on Etsy.com. We had 140 wings, 120 meatballs, 50 rolls, 2 pounds of pasta salad, 48 cupcakes, 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies, and 12 custom cookies and it all got eaten. We had nothing left afterwards lol. I always like to have foods that are easy to serve, can be made in big numbers and most importantly I don’t want left overs!


Here is a better look at the custom cookies! I ordered Onesies in the buffalo plaid pattern with little raccoons and fox faces on them!


I made 2 gallons of Country Time strawberry lemonade and added frozen strawberries to quickly chill it. I also printed off water-bottle labels for the bottled water. I set up a hot cocoa bar using my Keurig and Starbucks hot chocolate K-cups, and of course we had some adult beverages which were hard apple cider and beer.


The Games 

Outside of the diaper raffle we played several games. I do not like to play the typical cliche baby shower games, because let’s face it…they are kind of boring. We played a few minute to win it style games. One involved shaking two baby bottles that I taped together and filled with sprinkles, another involved chopsticks, a blindfold and cotton balls, and one involved making babies out of Play-Doh. We also played the usual measure mommy’s belly game and Don’t say baby game; but I added the words girl and boy, to mix it up a bit and make it difficult. I made the pins for the don’t say baby game from felt creatures and clothes pins.


We had diapers in a basket for friends to write funny messages on them for those late night diaper changes.


The Play-Doh baby game was very interesting and the creations were hilarious!


Since the diaper party was also hubby’s congrats  you are getting a vasectomy party, I added the adult game, pin the sperm on the egg. I created the game by drawing a uterus using sharpies onto a poster board and taping it to the back of the door. I found some pink and blue sperm clip art online and printed them out on card stock and cut them out. We attached pieces of tape to the back as each person went. We blind folded them, spun them around 5 times since we are having 5 kids and sent them on their journey to the uterus! I also created paternity tests results on Microsoft Word, and handed each male a closed test result. They each had to come to the front and hear their results. The one person who was the father won a prize. It was pretty funny seeing them recreate scenes from Maury Povich as they received their results.


The diaper raffle had two winners, We had one female winner and one male winner. The first winner however, received a “baby making” gift basket I put together. It consisted of a picnic basket, Prego pasta sauce, spaghetti noodles, a bottle of champagne for two, a cutting board, and a towel and oven mitt set. Basically a romantic dinner for two with a happy ending.


Our thank you’s were nothing short of something that represents me and my husband. We gave everyone glass bottles of Coke and a shot of Jack Daniels. These were pretty cost effective, unique, and super cute to piece together! Everyone loved them.


The Diaper Stash

We made out like bandits when it came to diapers and wipes. Everyone’s contributions consisted of diapers from size 0 through 5 so baby is set for a while! It was a blessing to receive so much and the fact this is one less thing we have to worry about!


We were able to get some good pictures together for the baby’s scrapbook I am putting together as well!


All in all it was an amazing diaper party and I was thrilled that all of our guests enjoyed themselves. When everyone left, we headed out for our baby moon. Now me and hubby have to tackle our little shopping list and nest as much as possible before our newbie decides to make his or her grand entrance into the world! It’s the final countdown y’all!




40 thoughts on “Diaper Party

  1. Marcie says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of diapers! It’s crazy how sometimes you need new stuff for subsequent babies. I bought a lot of new stuff for baby #2 because new stuff was invented and we knew what products we didn’t like.


  2. thecoffeemom0617 says:

    It looks like you had a wonderful party! I for one am a firm believer in a baby shower for every baby no matter how many you have.


  3. theclutterboxblog says:

    I seriously love your Alcohol sign! That is so awesone and so true!
    Congrats on your little one. I think every baby needs a celebration, not just ones first.


  4. Joanna Brittain says:

    I absolutely adore the theme of your party! So adorable! I think the idea of a diaper party is perfect after the second child. If you still have everything, or you don’t switch genders. In our case, our youngest is 11 and a girl. Our luck we would have one now and it would be a boy!


  5. itsahero says:

    I absolutely LOVE the idea of a diaper party! Plus, it’s just a really fun way to throw a little party 🙂 I LOVE your theme, by the way!


  6. missy35000 says:

    I am dying over how cute your party was!! The Playdoh baby game is hilarious! I agree every birth should be celebrated, if not with an official “shower” then with an awesome party like yours:)


  7. Mandy @ A Cupful of Carters says:

    This was such a great themed shower! And having guests bring diapers is a wonderful idea because that is the most needed item for new parents!


  8. Heather says:

    This is such a good idea! We have three, and our older two are 8 and 6, youngest just turned 2. We most definitely gave everything away. But, with the 3rd, I realized I didn’t need a whole heck of a lot besides diapers!


  9. Kiwi says:

    I loved your diaper party theme! I have been to one before and I think its an excellent idea. Especially if its one second child and its of the same gender of the older sibling…and they are not too far apart in age. Diaper I know can be expensive so I would rather for one of my showers for it to be a diaper party. I am stealing this theme when the time come lol!


  10. everydaythoughtsbybrittany says:

    I love that you honored each of your children in different ways. Your diaper shower looks adorable and I love the jack and cokes.


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