My old man is a old man

*Disclaimer this blog contains profanity  If this will offend you please do not continue*

Today, December 19th, is my husband’s 30th birthday. This is hitting me harder than it is him surprisingly. I say this because I met him when he was 20 years old, only 2 months shy of turning 21.  Time has flown and things have changed. I have been able to watch him mature and grow older day by day. I have been able to see him evolve as a man, husband and father. My husband is a very unique person to me because we are complete opposites. He is definitely the ying to my yang. We compliment each other well and balance each other out.

Since his birthday is so close to Xmas, I try not to incorporate Xmas into his birthday; but this year, that is kinda what ended up happening accidentally, due to a few different circumstances . So if you ever have to host a holiday party last minute and need to throw something together this is pretty easy to do and pull off.

Behold The Ugly Sweater Party 

Ugly sweater parties are starting to become more popular among us millennials. I must admit it was pretty damn fun and hilarious!  The best thing to do is keep things simple! Some people go all out and some just make it as tacky and cheap as possible. There is really no right or wrong way to have an Ugly sweater party.


So food is pretty simple, either you can go all out with catering or have something everyone will eat that is simple and cost effective and will feed a crowd. For this I opted for one of hubby’s favorites. Nachos. This was very simple, I made Ro*tel Queso dip and added ground beef to make it more filling. I took the recipe that is on the cans of the Ro*tel tomatoes and doubled it, and added 2 pounds of cooked taco seasoned ground beef to the cheese dip after it all had melted in the crock pot. BTW, crockpots are a millennials best friend when it comes to cooking. I placed everything in there and set it on low, stirred it here and there and continued getting ready. The good thing about this is, it stays constantly hot, makes a lot, and is super yummy.  The “other shit” was salsa, jalapenos, and sour cream.

We had a cooler with some beers and bought two large bottles of Vodka and Rum. We also had plenty of chasers and juices so people could basically fix what they wanted how they wanted. We are all seasoned adults here so everyone is pretty good about what their limits are. We also had jello shots and guest provided bottles of liquor and beer as well. Of-course I couldn’t participate in the alcohol consumption since I am pregnant but I did make myself a mocktail!



I bought some editable water bottle labels from a vendor on This is an instant download. All you have to do is search what you are looking for, pay, download, edit and print. It takes literally minutes. I printed them off on card-stock and applied them with some clear packing tape.dsc_0276

Birthday Cake

Since I am a self taught cake artist, I made my husband’s birthday cake and cupcakes. He likes beer so I made a cake that looked like a Heineken Beer bottle complete with “ice”. I also baked chocolate chip cookies because everyone always requests my homemade cookies when we have events.


Dirty 30 Decorations

This year hubby’s schedule has been pretty crazy. When I found out he had to work on his birthday, I picked up a few items from Party City and Target. I ordered vulgar balloons online that could only be found in the United Kingdom. Luckily they arrived quickly. They were kind of pricey but worth it!  Some of the decor were things I bought after Halloween on clearance from Target that I had in the garage πŸ™‚ We love our skulls and crossbones! Since my hubby was scheduled to work, I had bought minimum decorations to have the house decorated all week long! Which came in handy given the circumstances because it was already up lol!


I dug out my candy containers and mini chalkboards and got to decorating!


Photo Wall

Photo walls are great for guest to take pics and are pretty easy to do last minute as well. For the background I taped Christmas wrapping paper to a section of the living room. You do not need a lot of space!  Photo props can be bought from Party City or found online, and printed on cardstock.

Here he is the handsome birthday man!!


Us together15542045_1176834942366421_252443408699912251_n
My ugly sweater dilemma 

So it is widely known, I am like super pregnant right now (28 weeks). I had originally planned on getting an actual ugly sweater or making one, but every single one I tried on I absolutely hate how it made me look with the extra baby weight. I procrastinated to the point that when I finally found one I liked, there were none available in my size and what was in the stores were either way too big or were just festive and not “ugly”. I ended up digging in my closet and found  a long sleeve shirt I had ordered last Christmas that is from one of my favorite Xmas movies…National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. See, my fav character was cousin Eddie…so well yeah, that will explain my shirt and I will leave it at that.


Party time! 

We played the game Cards Against Humanity. It is a pretty interesting game, and is not for those who are easily offended or politically correct. The game is $25 initially and has add on packs that are about 10 bucks. So possibilities are endless. Of-course we played a few drinking games. One of which everyone said I tried to kill them.


Okay, So I didn’t try to kill everyone, just I couldn’t play because I am pregnant and I didn’t know a lot of the logistics of the drinking game I had found until they started playing it.


His 30th Birthday Gift of Epicness

As for his gift. I bought hubby an authentic replica Iron Man mask, that lights up, makes noise and has a detachable magnetic face plate. This is an adult mask and is not meant to be a toy. He is a Marvel comic junkie and absolutely loves Iron Man. So it was perfect and epic. He had no idea what I bought him or that I had even gotten him a gift lol. He usually ruins my gift giving because he always guesses what it is….but not this time.

Breyona-1 Zaine-8


In the end with all of the craziness, setbacks and the fact that my guy is working today, I think he has had a good start to his 30th birthday!



Happy Birthday to my old man!!! Here’s to turning 30!!



48 thoughts on “My old man is a old man

  1. theclutterboxblog says:

    Oh gosh, my husband turned 30 too this year and I also have known him since he was 20. It’s crazy watching them grow and mature, isn’t it. Unfortantely I didn’t get to do any of the birthday things. But this post makes me so happy. I love the cakes and cupcakes you did. Your “ugly” sweater looks awesome. There’s so much wonderful things in your partying planning! I hope you both had a fabulous night!


  2. Brigette says:

    This sounded epic!! So fun! My husband will be 33 this year and I still remember when he turned 30 and I thought he was ancient! I’m sure when I hit 30 i won’t be ancient! πŸ˜‰


  3. reesann723 says:

    Sounds like it was an awesome night! I love the sweater you came up with! I remember those days of my big ole preggo belly making me feel so uncomfortable!


  4. says:

    This looks like such a fun party, love it!!! I love the “Save water, drink more wine” sign, haha!! happy Birthday to your hubby πŸ™‚


  5. Brittany says:

    It looks like you threw your hubby a great party! My husband’s birthday is two days before Christmas so I get it that keeping the holidays out of the birthday can be difficult but I love how you incorporated everything and I’m sure your husband appreciates all your hard work!


  6. Wren says:

    I met my husband when we were 16 years old… dated when we were 17 and broke up when I was 18. Then dated again when I was 20… got married when I was 21. So when he turned 30 I felt incredibly old because we are the same age! Looks like a great party and I love your sweater choice! πŸ™‚


  7. almostindianwife says:

    This is the perfect birthday party for turning 30! My husband turned 30 last year and we threw a super fun party! Now I’m dreading mine!


  8. Elizabeth O. says:

    That’s looks like a fun party! I’m sure your man had a great time! 30 is actually still young when you think about it! Always stay happy together!


  9. thefashionableaccountant says:

    This is such a cute party idea!! I love all the idea for making it seem old, though I’m about 1 year away from 30 and I’m quite excited! 30, flirty and thriving!! I love how you made it goofy and definitely for adults, your sweater was awesome!!!


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