7 years


Today is my oldest son’s 7th birthday. 7 years ago today, I gave birth to a baby boy who would turn my world upside down. From the day I found out I was pregnant, I just knew I was having a girl. At 16 weeks, it was confirmed that our baby was indeed a boy. I even wore a pink shirt to the gender scan appointment.4403_1081150985143_3094149_n

I gained 70 pounds my first pregnancy, had to quit my job and pretty much become a stay at home wife. I used my time wisely..kinda…I watched TV, slept, shopped, ate, and slept. As time started to tick away, I became more and more anxious and wondered what my kid would be like. My husband was set to leave with the Army literally two weeks after his birth. I was thankful that they delayed him leaving so that he could be here to see him enter the world. Cameron is our little honeymoon baby. We had gotten married and literally two weeks later, we found out I was pregnant. Some would say that it is best to enjoy your marriage and such before you have kids; but in our case, everything has always been on it’s own timing, including our pregnancies. I even celebrated my 21st birthday pregnant!


There he GROWS!



Cameron’s labor and birth was not the most glamorous experience but I learned a lot about my body during the process. I had a failed epidural and ended up having a natural birth without medication. The pain was nothing like anything I have ever felt before, but I did it. I got him here after pushing for an hour. I was exhausted and sore. I looked at him and instantly fell in love.


Once we left the hospital our journey began as parents. We both were extra careful with him. Triple checked the car seat etc and headed home. We had been preparing to move on top of preparing for the birth of our kid and my husband’s upcoming departure for 8 months. What was I going to do with a baby on my own for 8 months? This was one of the experiences of being an Army wife I did not enjoy.

We said our goodbyes and saw daddy again a few months later for 2 days…


It would be another 6 months before he would be back at home with us. So in the meantime, me and Cameron hung out, got to know each other more, and counted down the days.


I watched this kid grow and document it for my husband until finally after 8 months he was back home. He returned home to a baby that was walking!




Over the years, things have changed and daddy has had to miss some birthdays due to his schedule with the fire department but we do try to make each one special.


(His 5th birthday we did a science theme party )

Cameron is turning out to be a very caring, intelligent, funny, athletic, and overall awesome little dude. We couldn’t be more proud to have had him first! He is an awesome big brother and a big helper. He has made me a better person and has brought so much joy to our family. This kid started it all! My crazy adventure as a mom. The first person to call me mom and give me plenty of life bleachable moments. I have enjoyed watching him grow, meet, and exceed milestones.


Happy 7th Birthday Cameron! I love ya kid!



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