10 Things I have learned since graduating highschool

I fall into the millennial category and at first I didn’t want to embrace it. I graduated high school in 2006. This year marked 10 years of being out of high school. I must say it went by very fast! I have accomplished so much, but still feel like I have accomplished just a small portion of my goals. High school wasn’t the most stellar experience, but I made it through. I am thankful for the lessons I learned and the friends I made along the way. I didn’t attend my ten year reunion for various reasons, and I do not regret it at all. Honestly? We have this thing called technology. We are all on social media so I have a good idea of who is doing what, who’s dead, who’s getting married, who’s getting a divorce, and who works where etc. The other thing is, with my small business, I see a lot of people I went to school with throughout the year from fulfilling their cake orders. It kind of balances things out so to speak. Everyone is available at the click of a button, call or text.

I have been reflecting on this milestone all year long. These past ten years have really showed me that I have definitely matured and grown as an individual.


So there I am, 17 year old me. I had super long hair, wore glasses, untamed eye brows and um what the hell was make-up? Not a tattoo in sight and let’s not get on that smirk! This wasn’t the pic I used in the year book (I don’t think? I don’t even know where the hell that thing is from all of our moves). BTW I hate taking pictures and I think I look weird without my glasses.


So here are 10 things I have learned since graduating high school

  1. You will have a lot of crappy jobs before you find an amazing one. I have had several jobs in several fields and I can say that I HATED the majority of them. Deciding to go back to school to complete a degree was worth it (kinda). There is this lovely thing where most places want you to have a million years worth of experience on top of spending your youth in college. There is the saying “We all gotta start somewhere” and most companies agree; you do…but just not here.
  2. You will kiss A LOT of frogs before you find your prince charming (or princess if you’re a guy).  Love was one of the most complicated, sh*tty, disastrous yet beautiful things that I have ever discovered and experienced.
  3. Money sucks. Learn how to manage it early. There are some very important life skills they should teach in high school instead of stupid sh*t like pottery. Learning about finances early on is very important and will set you up for success. Although I do believe that at some point in time everyone has totally f*cked up their finances.
  4. You can’t change your family but you can create your own. Some of my friends I consider more like family members than friends.
  5. Speaking of friends, sometimes the best of friends outgrow each other.  I have had my fair share of friendships come and go. Some of them, I had been friends with them since childhood. High school ruined some friendships, and adulthood sealed the deal. As we all hit our milestones at different times, the dynamics changed and the relationships just weren’t salvageable. It’s okay to outgrow friends. I have learned that quality is better than quantity when it comes to friendships. I think this was one of the most important lessons out of them all.
  6. If you have been in your home state since birth…consider moving.  I decided to move to another state and boy that was an amazing experience. I was very homesick at first; but the longer I was there, the more and more I realized that I was being held back in so many ways; and that was the time that I really started living and experience life. Moving away was a big leap into adulthood and the unknown. I learned that taking risks; no matter how scary they are, can be very rewarding. I experienced my first hurricane, gained my first car note, a husband, an awesome career, and my first kid out of the deal!
  7. Sh*tty food catches up to you eventually.  I ate plenty of crap growing up and in my teen years. In early adulthood, you have to do this thing called feeding yourself. So with no one to prepare my meals, I had to learn how to cook. At first this meant grabbing fast food whenever possible. However, over time, those pounds started creeping up and not to mention going back to the money sucks point, it adds up really quickly! I now make better food choices and I am more active.
  8. Sleep is a beautiful thing.  Back then, I could stay up until the sun came up. Now, I am lucky if I can make it past midnight (Add babies into the mix and kiss sleep goodbye). Who cared about sleep 10 years ago? I didn’t. I wanted to do as much as possible…carpe diem…kick today’s ass! Now? I love when I can squeeze in a nap and most of the time if I (rarely) go out, I am headed home at the time I used to be headed out for a night on the town.
  9. Coffee is life. I remember a point in time where I thought coffee was the absolute most disgusting thing ever created. Until I started working in an office setting. Those magic black beans are a big part of my life now. 10 years ago, toss me a Red Bull or a Mountain Dew and I was good to go! Going back to point #7 those sh*tty food choices started to catch up with me.
  10. Time waits for no one. Time flies, whether you are having fun, doing nothing, made it in life, or simply don’t give a sh*t. My kids are growing up super fast, my family is almost complete, I am getting older and almost knocking on 30’s door. Deciding to go back to school was kinda a now or never thing. Grad school is one of those experiences where it’s like okay I need this and what the f-ck was I thinking?! I have a soon to be large family that is about to be complete in a few short months…all while some of my high school friends are just getting started on some of these things. It doesn’t matter what time or place you start the race..it’s all about how you finish it. In the end I don’t want to approach another 10 years and look back at things with all these shoulda-woulda-coulda’s.



49 thoughts on “10 Things I have learned since graduating highschool

  1. blogthatsheet says:

    This is a wonderful posts. If I could go back and do it over, I would definantly learn to manage money better and learn about credit.


  2. theforeverteacher says:

    I have really been struggling with the moving if you still live in your hometown… well not really me but my husband. He (now our family) has lived in hattiesburg his whole life… I KNOW in my heart he needs a change (we all do), and he refuses to move. Def need to share this with him


  3. Adaleta Avdić says:

    These are definitely excellent things to learn, and things some people don’t learn until much later in life. I like the idea of moving out of state. We all need to experience places outside of our comfort zone. It makes life exciting to pick up and go somewhere else, even for just a few years. Life is different in new places and it’s good to see it to gain perspective! Coffee is life, and time does not wait for anyone. Such great lessons! xx Adaleta Avdic


  4. Meghan says:

    Oh man I feel like I definitely learned these lessons quick. I totally agree with moving away from your own state. I didn’t get that chance, but California is pretty big and when I moved to southern California it was the best decision I made in my 20s.


  5. lesleycarter says:

    While I don’t necessarily agree with “You will have a lot of crappy jobs before you find an amazing one,” it is proven statistically that more and more people are switching jobs more frequently.

    Number eight will become even more clear as you get older 😉


  6. Mrs. AOK says:

    I graduated a few-ish years before you… okay more like seven 😀 Anyway, I’ve learned some of the same things as you. I totally agree with the moving away. As much as I love Texas, it’s been nice to see other places and learn other cultures, but it would be nice to get back to Texas someday. Coffee is LIFE!!


  7. feeltheesunlight says:

    All of these are so real and so beautifully written. Especially that best friends outgrow each other… that’s going such a hard thing to go through, but stunting growth isn’t worth it.




  8. Sandra Crespo says:

    Great list and reminders for those getting out of school! I love that you came up with a list it’s been quite a journey for me too and I feel so strongly about high schoolers learning all about self development while they are in school vs stumbling upon it later on in life


  9. Elizabeth O. says:

    There’s going to be a lot of adjustments, changes, and things that you never expected once you graduate from school. I think these are great lessons.


  10. Myteenguide says:

    This is great! I can relate some of your experience. I need to keep this in mind and share to my kids after they graduate in high school.


  11. Sam says:

    It feels like the time in between graduation and 30 will be the biggest learning curves of our lives. I’m going to be 30 in July, and it seems that I’ve changed completely since graduation (and not what I pictured myself as when I was in high school). It’s pretty crazy how life happens!


  12. Yona Williams says:

    I’ve had to deal with outgrowing friends a couple of times – sometimes it hurts and other times it doesn’t. The way you felt about coffee, is how I felt about tea…and I drink it A LOT (along with coffee).


  13. The Wandereuse says:

    So true all of this! It’s been 5 years since I graduated high school and I have myself lived and learned some of these things already… Very good advice considering there are some others I haven’t gotten to experience yet.

    Carlota | TheWandereuse.com


  14. amandahrosson says:

    Yes, yes, yes to all of this!! My 10 year reunion is next year and I can totally relate to all of these – well, except for the coffee one, unfortunately. I also thought it was disgusting then came to love it but then realized I got terrible caffeine headaches every time I drank it and had to give it up *cries*


  15. Amanda Love says:

    Great lessons in life! I agree with all of them. It’s important that we realize that graduating means you’re just starting out and there are really going to be jobs along that way that you’re not going to like.


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