Biracial Hair…All not created equal

First off I am going to say this, I am by no means a beautician nor do I try to be. I do make parts crooked and sometimes my ponytails aren’t even. Secondly, I do not know how to braid…yup I admit it proudly, I am a mama who does not know how to braid hair. However I can twist the hell out of it! So when I found out I was having a daughter I instantly had this fear come over me about what do I do with her hair? I have always had a lot of hair and it has also been a pain in the ass to take care of. I ended up cutting my hair and I keep it medium length now that I am a mama. My children are biracial; so naturally, their hair texture is not the same as mine. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, because I have seen several types of biracial hair textures. My babies ended up with very fine, but curly hair. In a nutshell, it is pretty low maintenance….but the amount of hair and the LENGTH is what has been doing in me.

With two girls now, I had to really start getting the hang of this hair stuff. Luckily Kali still doesn’t have much to work with, so she wears a ton of stretchy headbands. I make some of them myself. Kennedy, different story. I am not spared. We call Kennedy the mermaid because her hair is literally down her back and almost to her butt. It is very curly so most of the time you can not tell it’s true length.


On our recent pictures, I let her wear her hair down and used a little bit of product in her hair to elongate the curls and sort of make it wavy looking by brushing them.

When Kennedy was born, the first thing we noticed was the amount of hair she had. My thought was “Eventually I will be the one who will  have to comb this child’s hair everyday”.


As Kennedy got older, her hair became longer…


and longer…1187139_623514024365185_1909534408_n1455882_578823382167583_1333327145_n

and longer…


and now she is 5 and we are here…

I have established somewhat of a routine since she is in school now. She is very particular about her hair, and well mommy only knows how to do the basics. We BOTH wear the hell out of messy buns lol. That’s usually my go to for her and I pair it with a cute headband when we are running behind.

I wash her hair once a week for the most part, anything more than that seems to cause dryness. I have tried several products per the suggestions of several of my friends who also have biracial children; but at the end of the day what works for them may not always work for us. Your curl pattern determines A LOT from the products that work and don’t work, to the ease of styling. I ended up investing in products meant for biracial and natural hair and haven’t turned back since then.

Shampoo and Conditioner 


Unlike some of my friend’s and associates children, I can get away with using Suave for kids shampoo/conditioner and detangler with Kennedy, but I have found that Shea Moisture really enhances the shine and bounce in her curls, so I started using that product line.

The two in one curl and shine Shampoo and Conditioner made by Shea Moisture smells really good and washes out easily. It is meant for hair that is thick and/or curly and contains no Sulfates. I usually don’t have to do much detangling with her hair, however I still use a detangler to make combing easier and for added conditioning. In between washes when styling, I can get away with just using water in a spray bottle.

During the week, I try to style her hair in a way that can be maintained for a few days and only require me to comb her hair twice a week in conjunction with the once a week wash. She sleeps with a satin scarf on since the night caps come off. Kennedy is a wild sleeper.

Twice a week styling

For styling, there are a few different products I use depending on the style I am trying to achieve. For quick messy buns, I use just a little water from the spray bottle and Curls, Goddess Curls Botanical Gelle

When she wears her hair down, I use Miss Jessie’s Original Quick Curls. With this product the hair must be damp for the product to work. It is also a detangler, but I haven’t used it for that. It is great for when the hair is wet and you need to wash and go and don’t want your curls frizzy. This product works for all hair types and I have used it myself. It is a little pricey but you only need a small amount!

If we are just at home and I need to freshen up her curls, then I turn to Cantu Curling Cream for kids. It is also Sulfate free and helps tames frizziness. I have found it works great on dry or damp hair.


Low Maintenance and Easy Hair Styles

Often she does get tired of the messy buns, so I usually go for hairstyles that I can easily do and take down. She likes to add bows and such so I usually use black super stretchy rubber-bands over the colored rubber-bands for versatility.

This is just an example of something I would do during the week that lasts a few days with light freshening up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On this journey to learning how to take care of my girl’s hair, I have found that sometimes less is more. I try not to stress us out. Hence I said US. I used to hate getting my hair combed as a kid, so I try to make it as comfortable as possible for her.

This is me and my hair as a kid…imagine what my mama went through (ignore the date stamp I took a pic of a pic years ago)


One thing I do admire about my daughter is that she loves her curly hair and embraces it. Some of her friends do not like their curly hair and wish it was straight. In which, their parents straighten it and that’s their choice. Kennedy loves to shake her curls and hasn’t asked for it straightened yet…and I hope she doesn’t because I am not ready to tackle that task yet and don’t want my hands to fall off.


3 thoughts on “Biracial Hair…All not created equal

  1. Jen Enoch says:

    I with you, I use the Shea Moisture-all the way! I may want to try the Cantu Curling Cream for a mid-week freshener. As it gets longer I definitely gets harder, so we’ve been brushing her hair while she’s in the shower (soaked and full of conditioner) then we rinse and put in the Shea Moisture leave in conditioner. This has helped so much, my daughter has a bit of a tighter curl. Thanks for sharing, it’s so hard to know which products to use.


  2. janiahfarmer says:

    OMG girl thank you for this! As a future mama with thick, curly hair herself, and someone who also cannot braid to save her life (but can do the flyest twist-outs), I have always been scared to have a little girl because I wouldn’t know what to do with her hair. Of course, I don’t know if I’m having a girl or not, but if I do at least I got this to refer to when doing her hair.


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