Perfectly Imperfect Family Portraits

We have made it our little family tradition to take family pics every year. I didn’t do this often growing up, so this was something I wanted to be sure I did with my family on a regular basis. It mainly started when my great grandmother passed. When they were putting together the obituary, I thought about the fact that I did not have any pictures of my family together. At the funeral, we took a large family pic with my dad’s side of the family and everyone received copies of it. I spoke with one of my friends who was starting a photography business and she offered to take family pics for us. We used the occasion of baby number 3’s (Cody) gender reveal to get some pictures snapped.


Now, I must admit getting two toddlers to cooperate was something we thought would be a disaster. However, we got extremely lucky. Surprisingly Cameron and Kennedy did well long enough for us to get some great shots.

Fast forward to Cody’s arrival

We decided to do Spring pictures after we had Cody. This time I chose to do the “right” thing and pick colors and match everyone.I picked Yellow and Grey and we went to a local park for pictures.


The importance of pictures

2015, I was pregnant with Kali and we were awaiting her arrival. We hadn’t done any pictures because we just couldn’t find the time and I had a pretty restricted pregnancy. My family decided to throw my grandmother a surprise birthday party that October. Before I knew it, it was October, and Kali was due on Thanksgiving. We got everyone together and my cousin hired a photographer. This occasion I am very grateful for last minute family portraits for two reasons as I will explain below.

Me and hubby were tired. We had an early start to the day because we purchased 1 of two SUVs for our family. Hubby had a popped blood vessel in his eye and well, I was tired, hungry, and was over the cake  for the party. The cake I had ordered for the party was not what I ordered when I went to pick it up. So I had to raise hell at the bakery and make them fix it! I had no time to do my make-up. By the time I arrived to the party, I was beyond annoyed. So in a nutshell my little crew was not very photo ready that day.

©2015 Dexter Bowman Photography, LLC

Reason #1 I am grateful for these pictures: Despite how crappy the day went or how rough we looked, I was able to get a picture that I have never had taken before. One of  just me and both of my grandparents, alongside my husband and kids. ©2015 Dexter Bowman Photography, LLC

Reason #2: This was the last picture I was able to take with my granddaddy before he passed away the following year (This year 2016).

My granddaddy passing was very devastating to me and was a bit unexpected but expected. When I saw him at the party, he seemed like himself but just a little frail which was a bit unusual to me. Christmas he was living in the moment but something just didn’t seem right to me. He did express how he was so happy everyone was able to get together and he loved the pictures from the party.

So, here we are at the end of 2016 and my little family hadn’t taken any pics. So with the help of my friend again, she offered to take our pics. Now that our little crew has expanded but still includes toddlers, we weren’t sure how much luck we would have this time. Cody is well, the best way to describe Cody, is he acts like a caveman that you are trying to make civilized. Also Cody puts the terrible in terrible twos. He is the true definition of a toddler. From his picky eating to the tantrums. We took a chance and said screw it let’s get these pics done! We picked a very unusual location not far from our house.

See there is this huge liquor store (yes liquor store), that they just built this summer. This liquor store is a BIG deal in our small community because well, the two liquor stores out here before this one just plain sucked and were over priced due to supply and demand. So we have this huge fancy smancy one now that is nothing short of AMAZING! The inside is mind blowing. Like I am not kidding I will have to snap pics next time I stop in (when I am not pregnant). Anywho, the liquor store’s owner has this old rustic truck parked on the property that I absolutely love. So we asked him if it was okay if we took pics in front of it. He was more than happy for us to use his truck for pics.

The pics I am about to share, let me tell you now, Cody didn’t cooperate.There were several meltdowns between him and Cameron and the sunlight was brutal that day.

Here are the ones featuring Cody and his shenanigans  that include the others choosing to smile however they wanted! Lol!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We did manage to get some good shots of the other three alongside some interesting ones

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Me and hubby were also able to get some nice ones together

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the end this is the picture we ended up with of all of us. Although Cameron is crying because of the sun beaming in his face and blinding him, and Cody is in the process of running away; These wouldn’t be pictures of MY FAMILY if they weren’t imperfectly perfect. So my message to you is don’t stress out over family portraits. Have fun and let them be as natural as possible because sometimes the “flaws” is what makes them beautiful and special.


See ya next round in 2017 featuring our new baby!



20 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect Family Portraits

  1. Chloe says:

    I really love this, I understand completely the importance of photos especially with your elder relatives. I think your photos all turned out beautifully, they feel natural rather then staged and they brought a smile to my face 🙂


  2. Waiting for Fireflies says:

    I really love seeing your family photos! My parents were great about having photos taken, and I have not been as good about it. Your post really makes me want to start getting then done. more often. We haven’t been th a professional photographer in five years!


  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    I love that each picture has a story! That’s what makes these memorable. It’s never easy to take pictures with kids they’re always so impatient!


  4. naturallyleigh says:

    Your family is beautiful. I try to snap pictures of my family whenever I can but I think it’s time we schedule some professional pics especially since our family has grown. Congratulations on the new baby!!!


  5. Steve Goodwin says:

    Family pictures are so precious and are a great way to remember the traits and mannerisms of the little ones. We love seeing their behaviors come through in our family photos as well! I use a family pic from our May 2016 trip down to Cancun where we had professional photos done and it’s so neat to see our two girls personalities shine through! You have a beautiful growing family!


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