Kali’s 1st Birthday Party

We were super excited to celebrate Kali’s first birthday. I had planned a Milk and Cookies themed play date to celebrate. We kept it the guest list small, but the details were picture perfect. I was crafty as usual and enlisted the help of some vendors from Etsy. I made her cake, cupcakes, rice krispy treats dipped in chocolate and my famous yummy chocolate chip cookies! This entry is more so to share the pictures from her big day and for you to see some of the things we had decoration wise for the theme. See, I like to use themes that aren’t cliche whenever I host an event. I love things that are unique. Being that we do not have our kids parties every single year, I always make it a point to make their parties pretty cool whenever I do throw them one.

First Birthday Pictures

I snapped pictures of Kali to use for the party and for her little baby book using my Nikon D5200. I picked this particular camera because it is one of Nikon’s advanced beginner DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) cameras. I am by no means a professional photographer, nor do I try to be. I am just a mom who takes a million pics of my kids and dropped a decent amount of dough on a camera that’s not a basic point and shoot. I have had the camera for two years now and used it to take Cody’s pictures as well. Hobby Lobby sells paper photo backdrops for a decent price and is usually my go to. Unfortunately, they didn’t have anything that really went with her theme. I went to Michael’s instead and bought a roll of white bulletin board paper. Her bib was purchased at Target months ago. I saw it and it matched the colors. Her hat came from a vendor on Etsy. The The props were mainly from Hobby Lobby and Michaels. The large “cookies” I painted those myself using round canvases and acrylic paint bought from Target. The paper milk cartons were free online that I found via Pinterest. I edited the pictures using a free basic program called Picasa 3.

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The Menu

Food was pretty straight forward. Most of this was DIY but some things were purchased We had meatballs, a large popcorn chicken platter purchased from Publix, and pasta salad. We had raspberry lemonade and bottled water to drink. As far as sweets, I had assorted candies for the goodie bags, assorted cookies, custom cookies, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate dipped Rice Krispy treats.

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Her Outfit

Kali’s outfit and headband was purchased on Etsy.com. It was custom made and ordered in advance. She also had custom Converse sneakers that were bedazzled by someone local.

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I used milk bottles purchased from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, pictures I took of her, milk cartons that we made from cardstock, printed out images of cookies, custom water bottle labels purchased via Etsy.com and printed on cardstock, balloons, tassels, and banners.  The little timeline thingy was purchased from Party City. We decided to go with the pink and blue because those were colors from my baby shower for her.

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Originally I had planned for the kids to do a quick activity and decorate cookies. We live in Georgia and the weather was pretty nice out. The kids all preferred to simply play outside. So they did just that.

Party Favors

The party favor bags, I purchased from Target, then I took tags and printed off little cookies and milk and glued them to the tags. The bags I found a cute image that I printed and stuck on the front. The contents of the goodie bags were bubbles, a milk bottle that had a lid and straw that was purchased from Michaels, candy, and some of the other custom cookies that we had.



I am a cake artist outside of being a mommy and a student, so of course I made her cake. I made a “dummy cake” in the shape of a cow’s head. This was made using fondant and Rice Krispy Treats. I also made cupcakes and her smash cake.



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Here is where we kinda had a party foul

Kali slept the majority of her party because she decided to skip her nap that she usually takes in the morning. We planned the party to be from 2pm-4pm. By the time the party was supposed to end, she should’ve been ready for her nap. Instead, she slept through the party and we had to wake her up to sing happy birthday and have cake when the party was set to pretty much end.

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She destroyed her cake. I had dyed the inside rainbow colors for dramatic appeal.

She even shared with daddy!


We promptly ended the party after everyone had cake and sweets and she got cleaned up. We opened gifts once almost everyone left. I always feel awkward opening gifts during parties. I find it rather boring for other people to sit and watch you open things. We were able to personally thank everyone for coming as they departed one by one.



Kali had a warm bottle after she opened gifts and fell back asleep. Everything went smoothly and everyone had a good time. All of the food was consumed and we had a nice mess to clean up afterwards. From the short time she spent awake and engaged, she definitely enjoyed herself!



11 thoughts on “Kali’s 1st Birthday Party

  1. Janiah Farmer says:

    LOOOOVEEEE this! Pretty cool to come up with themes outside the box. Everybody’s doing Paw Patrol, Sophia the 1st, Doc McStuffins, etc. so I like that you’re a non-cliche mommy. I say this all the time, but Kali is flippin’ adorable! I just can’t anymore lol.


  2. Elizabeth O. says:

    A very awesome birthday for a very awesome little girl! I love the decor and the food looks so good! I’m sure you all had an amazing time, seeing all the smiles in the pictures.


  3. R U S S says:

    Most of the photos wouldn’t load 😦
    But I bet the birthday party was a blast. First birthdays are one of the most-anticipated milestones and your little angel is lucky that you went all out with her party. I’m sure you took lots of photos that you can share with her when she’s older.


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