Halloween: The “Devil’s Holiday”

I grew up in a pretty strict Christian household so certain holidays were not a free for all. One of those holidays was Halloween. For the longest as far back as I can remember, I was always obsessed with ghoulish things, Gothic culture, spooky shit, skulls, the color black and zombies. I would always hear the other kids talk about Halloween and what they were going to be. They planned which neighborhoods they were going to hit for candy and such. It all sounded like so much fun! I would marvel at the decorations in the store and think about what I would want to be; but at the end of the day, that is all I could do…fantasize about it.


One of my favorite genre of movies is horror. I love vintage zombie movies, especially Night of the Living Dead and other cult classics such as The Return of the Living Dead part I and II, and countless others. When I first saw Michael Jackson’s Thriller video I was instantly in love. We were allowed to watch some of these types of movies but not all of them. There was no watching The Exorcist, Hell-raiser etc. There was no buying costumes or going trick-or-treating. We did get candy that our parents bought us, but to me it just wasn’t the same. When I asked why I couldn’t partake in the festivities of Halloween, I was told it is the Devil’s holiday and that we were Christians, and Christians do not celebrate Halloween. I had friends who went to church and still got to trick or treat so I was a bit confused. I didn’t understand why we went all out for Easter and even had stuff related to a bunny passing out eggs and candy (I didn’t see chickens passing out bunnies); but couldn’t pass out candy for Halloween. I was able to go to a hunted house a few times with my uncle and loved every minute of it! Although one year, my glasses got broken by an old lady who was freaking out in one of the rooms. Christmas we would always go all out but I understood the aspect of that as a kid….I wanted the gifts.

I know another reason outside of religion why we weren’t allowed to trick-or-treat was a safety concern. I totally understood this, but as I got older, I felt like I really missed out. When I met my husband, he was a bit perplexed by my love for all things horror and my knowledge of a million horror movie facts;but I had never been trick or treating, bought a costume, or carved a pumpkin. We spent Halloween together in 2007 and the rest is history. I didn’t carve my first pumpkin until I was 21 years old. I was pregnant with Cameron, and Zaine surprised me with the experience. He bought two pumpkins and said that it was the beginning of our new family traditions. Carving pumpkins on Halloween. I was so happy to finally get to do this, and it made it even more special that he remembered this was something I had never done, that he wanted to make sure I experienced myself before we had our first kid.

*Excuse the mess we were unpacking from coming back home from our out of town baby shower*



Clueless super pregnant pumpkin carver


The Pro


This was my first pumpkin.


Mommy and daddy to be pumpkins

From carving my first pumpkin, I saw how messy it was and I didn’t really like the smell. We also painted my belly so Cameron could join in the festivities


I was due in December!!!

Continuing the tradition

My first time going trick or treating was Cameron’s first Halloween


Then again when with Kennedy added in 2011

2011 was epic because I attended my first Halloween party



After that, we continued the tradition of pumpkins with the kids, costumes, and ofcourse candy. We haven’t been regular trick or treating in a few years because I have found other things for us to do instead that are a little bit more fun and enjoyable for everyone. We do give out a ton of candy every year on Halloween and the kids enjoy seeing the costumes and helping.


We ask them what kind of pumpkins they want, let them clean them out, and then we do all the work lol


Some people don’t like the idea of “wasting” money on a costume but they do not have to be expensive. You can use items from home to create cute costumes. I made Kennedy into a semi crazy cat lady one year for a last minute kids Halloween party. I used glasses and makeup I had and her stuffed animals.


I also jazz up what would be otherwise cliche costumes. Such as this ninja costume for Cameron, we gave him crazy brows and facial hair with my make-up


And you can never go wrong with simple face paint and black clothes


We get the kids something every year but the key thing is to watch for sales. I have read on alot of frugal family blogs and such that they don’t buy costumes every year and pass down costumes. We keep them all and use them for playtime and for the smaller ones to wear to the various things we do to celebrate. They all get a new one every year. We always go with whatever sale Target has and stay away from Party City. This year Target did buy one get one 40% off and we were able to take care of all of the kids without breaking the bank.

Halloween 2016


All of these costumes came from Target.


Some people look for safe alternatives instead of trick or treating. Usually, you can find different events around town and I also suggest checking your local zoos, museums, aquariums and stores to see what things they have going on. We went to the Zoo and a fall festival that had trunk or treat this year as the “trick or treating” aspect of us celebrating.

Boo at the zoo



This was also Kali’s first Halloween. She enjoyed her first pumpkin


We carved our pumpkins14938182_1124988040884445_9022258541764844796_n

Then we got ready and gave out candy to our trick or treaters



Scared a few as well


This halloween also marked 9 years of us “dating”


I give out candy no matter how old or young the trick or treater is because you never know if it is their first time. I wonder if some of the big kids didn’t get to do anything as a kid and if they were out fulfilling their life long kid dream of experiencing halloween to the max. I am not stingy with the candy and give out nice handfuls and make sure we have the appealing candy and none of that disgusting shit that belongs in the trash like Mary Janes.

We gave out almost all of our candy as usual and the kids enjoyed themselves. I love seeing the excitement on their faces and knowing the fact they aren’t missing out. We have made it a point to let them experience things safely and without judgement. I don’t really care if anyone else doesn’t let their kids partake in the holiday, but I will not allow anyone to ruin it for my kids either. I do know there are some Christians who do let their kids celebrate halloween and I think that is pretty cool of them. Halloween isn’t all about the devil and demons. To me Halloween is about celebrating the start of fall. It kicks off the holiday season to me. The origins of halloween are not well defined, just like Jesus was not born on the day we all celebrate Christmas. I see halloween as a way to connect with your community, celebrate our differences and similarities, my kids get to use their creative juices to the max, and we can control how little or how much of it that they are exposed to as they grow up. Who am I to take that from them and their childhood in the name of religion? This goes for all holidays not just Halloween!

One thing for sure, everyone was tired by the end of the night and went to sleep at a decent time. And that my friends I call a successful Halloween as a mama.



6 thoughts on “Halloween: The “Devil’s Holiday”

  1. Paige Strand says:

    Interesting, I actually have a few friends who went through the same experience of not being able to celebrate, and in a way made it part of their lifestyle (similar to your love of horror movies!) to compensate for this. So glad you got to try it out! 🙂


  2. Befitting Style says:

    I grew up not celebrating holloween and still have no interest in doing so, but I love your bitmoji! Bitmojis are slightly addictive lol!


  3. Mila says:

    I feel your pain. I grew up in ultra-catholic, post-communist Poland. No Halloween allowed/ accepted. I’ve celebrated my first Halloween when I moved to Scotland in 2008.
    Love all the pictures! 🙂


  4. Carola says:

    You have a great taste in horror movies!! I totally agree and love them as well. It’a pity you weren’t allowed to watch everything and couldn’t participate in Halloween. It’s so much fun. Glad you’re enjoying now


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