Pee-Pees and Vjay-jays

On October 27th, we had our appointment for the anatomy scan. This is usually the ultrasound people get to determine the baby’s gender. We had a guesstimate on the gender during our week 12 scan using the Angle of the Dangle Theory. My OBGYN, simply put is freaking amazing! I absolutely adore him and the practice that he is apart of. With us, he usually goes the extra mile since we aren’t the typical pain in the ass pregnant patients. We don’t call for every little thing, we don’t bitch about every ache and pain, and simply put we like our pregnancies to be as calm as possible without all the unnecessary intrusions. Of-course if I feel like something is wrong I call etc. Coming from a medical background, I am in tune with a lot of things in regards to health and medical shit. Anywho, back to the Angle of the Dangle. So in the past we found out our baby’s genders at different times. With Cameron we found out at 16 weeks. However with Kennedy, she was stubborn and it took about 4 tries (3 visits) before we had her gender confirmed at about 24 weeks. Cody his was confirmed at the typical 20 weeks. With Kali, my OBGYN surprised us and asked if we wanted him to tell us the gender percentage at 12 weeks. We were like, hell yeah! So during the scheduled ultrasound he told us that he was about 80% sure we were having a girl. He later confirmed it 100% at the 16 week visit. How was he able to do this? The Angle of the Dangle Theory also known as The Nub Theory.

The Nub Theory

The Angle of Dangle Theory is usually used around 11-14 weeks when both genders have a penis like shape between the legs. They look very similar at this point in gestation, however the angle at which the little nub is pointing is different. Sometimes both boys and girl’s nub may appear to be in the one set position that is not very distinctive. What they look for is the boys pee pee dangle will point up and the girls vjay-jay dangle will point down. Of course you could pay for the Halo blood test and wait on results, but I like this better because one, I got a peak during a routine ultrasound so there was nothing extra to pay for and also when I was going to be able to get the Halo test done, the results wouldn’t be back before my next visit. Now I will say this and please understand this and take this seriously…NOT EVERY DOCTOR IS COOL AND WILL LOOK AT THE NUB FOR YOU VOLUNTARILY DURING THE SCAN. Most will tell you they can’t tell you. If they do sorry, your doctor sucks. It is best to have it done when the fetus is 12 weeks’ gestation. At 12 weeks, you can expect it to be about 70-75% accurate and at 13-14 it should be about 95% accurate.  Now the fetus can’t be curled up to see it. They have to be in a good position to see it. Even with this theory, I still wouldn’t advise telling everyone you are team pink or blue just yet because well it’s not 100%.

Vote Casting


So everyone has been anticipating what we are having since the day we announced we were expecting our 5th and final bear cub. Now we have a pattern going where it’s been boy, girl, boy, girl. Naturally everyone’s vote is team Blue with a few team Pinks. Honestly, the past few times, I was able to tell what I was having based off of what I ate, how I felt, how much weight I gained etc. With Cameron we did all the stupid old wives tales, even the little Chinese shit that all said we were having a girl. Sure enough we ended up having a boy. This go round, we don’t have a preference really, well I don’t! Daddy wants another wild boy. Me? I just want it to be March already.


I went to see hubby at work the day before the appointment since he was at work, and we both talked about names, and such. I was looking forward to creating a simple registry after my appointment since the plan this time is to have a diaper party. Since this is our last pregnancy we have like a little bucket list of things to do this time that we didn’t do with previous FOUR times. So far it has been pretty much entertaining. This time I have been really keeping myself up. I am more active, I gave a damn about how I dress, and I have kept my hair looking decent instead of it looking like a rats nest. I also have made it a point to wear a lil make up to spruce myself up and to cover up the dark circles from having four kids. I decided not to wear anything blue or pink and to wear something fall-ish so I went with a shade of purple and grey.


Each pregnancy I always have some little things I like to do whenever I have an appointment. For Cameron I didn’t get to do much because I worked full time back then, with Kennedy I made it a point to get my nails and toes done a day or two before I went to have something different each time. The nurses always anticipated what color or crazy design I was going to have. With Cody, I had to have Chik-Fil-A for breakfast. Kali I had crazy ass socks. This baby, we stop by Dunkin Doughnuts for me to get two chocolate doughnuts, hashbrowns, a sweet tea, and daddy gets coffee and something fatty too.


After dropping off the oldest two at school and the youngest two with our designated wild animal keeper, we headed on our journey to the OBGYN’s office to determine which team our baby is playing on. We were both super excited and couldn’t wait to see our little baby’s cute little alien like face. (Babies at this point look more human but alien like lol). We had a bit of a wait before finally we were called to the back.


Daddy was obviously excited


and then we waited….and waited…and waited


and waited…to the point I started to mess with things and we talked about all our previous visits and made jokes about the vaginal ultrasound probe. Funny thing, I was super excited about my first ultrasound when I was pregnant with Cameron. I had this lovely false perception that it would be like on TV where they do the ultrasound on the surface of the tummy. Only to be put in a room and told bottoms off. I looked confused like what the hell do you mean bottoms off? The nurse informed me that’s how ultrasounds are done the first few visits (as she pointed to the stick and placed a rubber over it).


We are not about that being violated life anymore!

Baby’s scan went amazing and we got a lot of good pictures of the baby. The baby’s features are really obvious such as, no surprise baby has daddy’s nose and looks nothing like me. My OBGYN tried to make me feel better by saying oh genetics work this way and yadda yadda yabba dabba doo and then he saw for himself that the baby looks just like Zaine.


Here is our little newbie all cozy and cute as can be!

After the appointment we went to Target to create a simple baby registry with necessities and basically diapers and wipes. The past pregnancies we had baby showers and a gender reveal. With Cameron we had a large baby shower, Kennedy we had a small baby shower (sprinkle), Cody we had a gender reveal only, and with Kali we had a large baby shower due to the fact well she was our last baby, my friends and family insisted, and we had given away all of our girl shit when we had Cody. We figured Kali was it and we should go out with a bang….and we did just that (hence how we are pregnant AGAIN). So this time we decided a gender neutral adult only diaper party would be cool since we never had one of those. IDK about you but I have seen plenty of memes about if this is your 3rd baby etc then you should not be having a baby shower….Why the fuck not? The point is to celebrate the new life, the gifts are just a perk and not required. If you have to use a baby shower to fund your baby you shouldn’t be reproducing. Each time we take care of the majority of our baby’s expenses on our own, but we do have a lot of people who are supportive and just as excited as we are about our newbies. We don’t EXPECT people to buy anything, and if they do they all know we greatly appreciate it. (My circle rocks)


Here is the awesome swag bag from creating the baby registry at Target. It was filled with lots of samples, coupons, and a voucher for buy one get one free on Starbucks!


SO I am sure by reading this blog you just like everyone else is wondering what Baby Sharpnack will be? Well, previously stated in this entry we are doing things we didn’t do in the past and one of those things involves the gender. You just have to wait and see once baby decides to make his or her grand entrance in March if it’s team pee-pees or vjays-jays for the win ❤


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