Laundry Sucks


Laundry hasn’t always been something that I absolutely hated doing. When it was just me and Zaine, laundry was not something we dealt with often as we had a little bit of clothes, stayed at the beach in swim suits, both worked (in some cases wore uniforms), and well we only needed to wash about once every two weeks. That all changed when we decided to start a family. Having a baby doubles your laundry even when it is just one kid. They shit, spit up, piss and smear food on whatever you put on them. Designer baby clothes? Ruined by carrots and mushed peas. Designer baby jeans? Mustard color baby shit stains galore. I was trying to find ways to make laundry more enjoyable now that it takes up A LOT of my time during the week. I though maybe I will get on Pinterest and find cute ass laundry room ideas to make the area more appealing…yeah as far as I got was the above vinyl wall decorations I found at my local Hobby Lobby.

Living in Florida (renting) we never had to purchase our own washer and dryer because the places we lived in came with them already…nice ones at that. Flash forward to relocating back to boring Georgia and every place had just the hook ups but not the units. We found ourselves needing to purchase a washer and dryer quickly. Not wanting to spend a fortune on one because we just paid to relocate and all of that jazz, we found a small shop that sells refurbished ones. The set was made by  GE (I think) and was $250. It looked a little older but it worked and that’s all I cared about. Well it sounded like a space shuttle was taking off during the spin cycle. Adding Kennedy,  laundry became a nightmare. I would just toss it to the side and leave it still in the baskets, and we literally lived out of the baskets. Once we had our third and fourth child laundry became a total shit fest.

Instead of only doing laundry every Friday, I have found myself either spending an ENTIRE day doing laundry, or it takes me about 3-4 days to do everyone’s laundry. Our old machines started to crap out after having them for 5 years. The dryer got to the point where you had to run it twice to dry the clothes. The washer wasn’t rinsing away all of the detergent and it made a even weirder noise worse than the space ship taking off, but they still worked. Hubby went ahead and agreed that we needed new machines. Now I thought maybe this would be the wake up call I needed to start to love laundry. I say this because well I LOVE to shop and this was an excuse to go shopping! I did a lot of research and instantly became opposed to front load washing machines. I am more partial to Samsung (despite having the Note 7 and having to give it back *insert sad face*). Having to really “adult” and shop for appliances for the house was interesting because well this year we have learned that garage doors cost a lot to fix even when it’s minor, the price of a new fridge is your soul (that was replaced recently we went with a nice Samsung one), and washers and dryers with the bells and whistles are fucking expensive. I was very happy with the deal we got on our machines from Home Depot including the free delivery.


With the new machines, I thought I would finally LOVE doing laundry. They were shiny and pretty, even plays a little tune when the cycle is over. They do a lot and even have a self cleaning feature. The biggest selling point, is there is a setting that allows the clothes to tumble every so often if you forget they are in the dryer to keep them from being wrinkled. There is also a wrinkle release setting because the dryer has a steam feature. I barely have to use my iron now. Even with the amazing new machines…I still fucking hate laundry.

Now I have seen a few articles about ways to make laundry more enjoyable, and the laundry systems of people with large families. Let’s face it, I need all the help I can get! With another little spit up and poop monster on the way, I have been trying to really get the task of laundry under control. Really to be honest, there is nothing that can ever make laundry fun except someone else fucking doing it. I thought about hiring a mommy helper just to have them do the laundry start to finish once a week. This idea went out the window because I refused to reduce my weekly Target shopping and Starbucks outings.

I saw one tidbit that had a shitload of baskets, each basket was for every item of clothing. For example, there was a basket for socks, underwear, shirts, pants, towels, blankets etc. Now idk about you other mamas and pappies, but I don’t want a ton of laundry baskets taking up my mudroom. My boys share a room for now, so they have ONE large basket, my oldest daughter has her own medium sized basket, the current baby shares a large basket with me and my husband. Once the new baby gets here, Kennedy will get a larger basket for her and Kali to share since they will be room mates until we move into another house. I do have a basket in the laundry room that is for dirty towels because I wash those separate.

I wanted to do the frugal thing and make my own detergent. I really like to make things but not so much lately. Having a bunch of kids kinda does that to you lol. Every time I said okay I am going to do this and get the shit needed to make it, I look at the Pinterest post and see that I have to use my nice expensive grater to hand grate soap into smithereens, I just say fuck this shit and grab a container of Tide pods. I have gotten used to not having to measure and just toss in one or two of the pods and being done. I did get some homemade laundry soap once from another mom who coupons (I don’t do that either) but it lacked so much. It didn’t smell like anything…not even soap.


So what do I do now that we are adding someone else’s dirty underwear to the mountain of never-ending clothes? I found a few ways to kinda speed this shit up so that I am not stuck doing laundry all day.

Tips to make doing laundry suck less 

  1. Plan ahead and pick days were you don’t have a lot going on to wash. Days that I have assignments due, kids extracurricular activities, etc I DO NOT WASH. I wash on two different days now. Every Friday is the kids and towels day because it is the end of the week (school, etc). Any other day during the week that is free is for me and hubby’s clothes and his uniforms. Now granted if someone is sick etc then I wash more often. Most of the time if something gets puked on or shitted on, I toss it out.
  2. Make EVERYONE help. Even the toddlers. My oldest are in charge of putting their clothes in the washing machine but I add the soap and turn it on. My 2 year old, he helps get clothes out the dryer. The oldest two are responsible for putting up their own clothes. They are ages soon to be 7 and 5. My oldest son, all of his clothes are hung up except his PJs and stuff like that. He puts his clothes on the hangers and hangs them up. He also helps with the 2 year old’s clothes, by sorting his things and putting them in the right drawers. I labeled the drawers since he can read to help speed up that process.   If hubby is off he sorts the clothes and put them up after they are done. I wash them and sit my ass down.
  3. Once you start, don’t stop and finish. If you are waiting on a load to wash and one is coming out the dryer, put those away while you wait. If you are washing one load, once it is dry immediately put it away.
  4. Since laundry is super fucking boring, put something on or call someone. Background noise is great. I like to catch up on shows or gossip on the phone while I fold so I am not just idle.
  5. Fuck separation. Sort at your own risk. Me, I am a lazy mama so I don’t sort but I have machines that haven’t ruined my clothes. There are settings for darks/colors and other settings for towels etc. I don’t separate my whites unless it’s something I need to bleach. If there is something that will likely “bleed” I wash it separate.
  6. This is the biggest tidbit..get rid of clothes you don’t need. If you find yourself wearing your fav tee shirt all the time and neglecting the others, get rid of them. Anything that you don’t wear often or will likely want to wear like that, donate it, burn it whatever.

You can do a million different things to try to make laundry day go by faster or at least be a little more enjoyable; but at the end of the day,  my message to nonstop loads of laundry is:



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